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SIWA tours offer opportunities for SIWA members, their families, and non-members to participate in organized experiences in Seoul and Korea. Through these cultural, artistic and recreational tours, participants can learn about Korea, and make and deepen friendships.

Learn About Korea

Experience cultural situations, traditions, customs, and more about Korean lifestyles.

Make Friendships

Meet new people on our tours and develop new relationships with other foreigners in Korea.

See and Do

See more of what Korea has to offer, not just in Seoul, but cities throughout all of Korea.

Who runs our tours?

A lot of teamwork goes into running the SIWA tours. Take a look at our fantastic tours team members.

Upcoming Tours

Event Date
Tour: Korean Antique Market Dapsimni

If you want to splurge or bargain hunt, this is a good place to start. An area of 150 shops awaits at Dapsimni Antique Shopping Complex. Our tour guide, Yvonne Stehle, is a trinket hunting expert. She will probably find things for you which you weren’t even looking for…

Tour: Gilsangsa Temple and Korean Furniture Museum

Both the Gilsangsa Temple and the Korean Furniture Museum are cultural treasures located in Seongbuk-dong. After visiting the Temple, we will have a guided tour of the furniture museum in English, starting at 2:00 pm.

Tour: Hiking to Seungga-sa in Bukhan-san

On this hike we will visit Seungga-sa, one of the most scenic and interesting Buddhist temples in the Seoul area. Seungga-sa, founded in founded in 756, is spectacularly located below one of the sharp peaks of Samgak-san, Seoul’s prominent sacred guardian-mountain. The temple, seated Buddha carving and views of Seoul are worth the effort it takes to reach Seungga-sa.

Tour: Namsan City Wall and Sungnye-mun

Mr. H.K. Choi will climb with us up and over Namsan, which means “south mountain.” . As we follow the old Seoul City wall, Mr. Choi will share its history and restoration. We will continue to historic Sungnyemun, better known as Namdaemun (the big south gate of old Seoul). This hike is somewhat physically demanding, so please be prepared for physical exertion.

Tour: Treasures of Jung-gu, the Historic Downtown Center

This tour is guided by Prof. D. Mason and will cover the most interesting historic sites found right in the middle of old Seoul, often overlooked by expat-residents. Click on the event to read more details. We’ll finish and disperse at the Cheonggye-cheon Stream where participants can walk along it, have lunch together or just go on their way.

Tour: Seoul Folk Flea Market

Are you hunting for second hand vintage good or just want to see and feel the atmosphere? Then come with us! The market sells typical Korean items, everyday goods, souvenirs, traditional goods and traditional food allowing visitors to enjoy shopping and eating all under one roof.

Tour: Horse Riding Field Trip

Join us for a tour and optional horse back riding lesson at Balios Equestrian Club, located in scenic western Korea. We will receive a tour from an English speaking guide and enjoy the beauty of their state-of-the-art riding facilities. This exclusive equestrian center includes competition level indoor and outdoor arenas, trails, stables, coaches and, of course, gorgeous horses.

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