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SIWA tours offer opportunities for SIWA members, their families, and non-members to participate in organized experiences in Seoul and Korea. Through these cultural, artistic and recreational tours, participants can learn about Korea, and make and deepen friendships.

Learn About Korea

Experience cultural situations, traditions, customs, and more about Korean lifestyles.

Make Friendships

Meet new people on our tours and develop new relationships with other foreigners in Korea.

See and Do

See more of what Korea has to offer, not just in Seoul, but cities throughout all of Korea.

Who runs our tours?

A lot of teamwork goes into running the SIWA tours. Take a look at our fantastic tours team members.

Upcoming Tours

Event Date
Tour: Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

The Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, located on the eastern end of Itaewon, is the wealthiest, best stocked and most-talked about Private Museum in Seoul, lavishly funded by Samsung. It contains both Traditional Arts and Modern Arts sections, as well as several National Treasures.

  • Tue, February 26, 2019 10:00 AM
  • Sold Out
Tour: Exploring Bangsan Sijang

Bangsan Market, also called Baker’s Alley, offers a huge variety of goods. If you like baking and or candy making, you will love Bangsan. This hidden alley sells many vital and hard to find ingredients for serious baking. But Baker’s Alley is not the only thing Bangsan Market has to offer.

Tour: Cheonggyecheon Walk and Museum

Visit Cheonggyecheon museum and walk at least 2.5 km along the Cheonggyecheon stream. We can extend the walk if this early spring day is beautiful and the group is energized! The Cheonggyecheon was restored as a waterway and has become a favorite respite for Seoulites to enjoy a bit of nature and quiet, culture and history in the midst of bustling Seoul.

Tour: Trecking around Namsan

Come hike around Namsan with us!

Tour: Tea Shops and Tea Houses in Insadong

On this tour we will dive into the world of tea: we will visit a tea museum and also look for tea supplies taking a stroll around Insadong. Our tour will culminate in a tea ceremony held by none other than Kyung Hee Park in one of the oldest tea houses in Insadong.

Tour: Dobongsan and Cheonchuksa Temple

Join our hike to Dobongsan!

Tour: Gwanaksan Mountain

Gwanaksan is a mountain of which name means “hat-shaped peak,” and refers to its gat-like profile.

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