The SIWA Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following Nominees for the 2016-17 Executive Committee :

*Currently serves in this role 2015-2016.

The above candidates have been vetted by the Nominating Committee and found to be eligible and willing to undertake the duties of their nominated positions.

The election of the Executive Committee will take place at the 2016 SIWA Annual General Meeting (AGM)  on March 16.  SIWA members are invited to attend this meeting, but we request advance registration on the website : SIWA Coffee Morning and AGM.

In accordance to our Bylaws, additional applications for any executive position will be accepted until March 8, one week prior to our Annual General Meeting.  Applications can be forwarded to

We look forward to seeing you on March 16 as we elect our SIWA leadership for 2016-17.

Warm Regards,

The 2016 SIWA Nominating Committee:
Greta Tonnon, Chair
Jessica Raeside
Milly Kim
Shubha Maudgal
Vicki Frame


President: Anne Choe

Anne currently serves as President of SIWA. An American citizen from the Washington, DC area, she has been an active member of the association since joining in January 2014. Anne was Chair of the 2015 Annual Gala, served as vendor manager for Coffee Mornings, and has been closely involved in the activities of the Welfare Committee. As a former education management consultant, she is passionate about serving under-represented students. She is currently mentoring multi-cultural middle school students in Seoul.


C:\Users\Sophia\Dropbox\SIWA\SIWA other\Board Admin\Ariane.jpg

Board Administrator: Ariane Amiot

Ariane is Board Administrator of SIWA. Since joining the association in January 2015, she has brought her organizational skills to other areas, including vendor management for the 2015 annual Bazaar and currently for Coffee Mornings. A French citizen, she relocated with her husband to Seoul from Germany in late 2014. A business law and tax professional, Ariane has nearly thirty years of experience as a financial auditor. She enjoys mountain activities, sailing and art.


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Vice President: Mhyla Borkowski

Mhyla currently serves as VP Operations of SIWA, and is the coordinator for the Moms & Tots Interest Group. An American who grew up in California, she relocated to Seoul in June 2013. Mhyla has previously served on the SIWA Executive Committee as Board Administrator and for Communications. Prior to Seoul, she made a career change from engineering to work in a non-profit hospital system in Las Vegas. Mhyla keeps busy with photography, Zumba and cooking.


Vice President: Robin Carney

Robin, a dual American-Portuguese citizen, joined SIWA in August 2015.  She worked for Deloitte Consulting in New York and Lisbon, then moved into the non-profit sector, becoming Vice President of a Portuguese breast cancer charity. She then moved to Brussels and worked in fundraising for BIG against breast cancer. She continued this work remotely after moving to Warsaw. Robin is excited to explore Asia with her husband and 2 daughters.


Vice President: Amy Lee

Amy Lee is Korean, born and raised in Seoul. She lived in Maryland, USA, during her primary years before returning to Seoul for high school. She majored in International Trade and Law and Practical English at Hankook University of Foreign Studies. She now works as a trade team manager for a textile manufacturing and exporting company. Amy loves cooking, sewing and making soap and cosmetics. She is passionate about helping vulnerable populations, especially babies and animals.


Treasurer: Magdalena Petko Rozanska

Magdalena is Co-Treasurer of SIWA. A Polish citizen, she moved to Seoul in June 2014. Her international journey started in Germany where she studied accounting, followed by eight years working at BMW in Ireland in the field of controlling. As a SIWA volunteer, Magdalena enjoys the opportunity to apply her professional experience and, even more importantly, to meet great people. She enjoys a good book and baking.