Dear Gala volunteers,

Hope you had a restful week after the Gala last Saturday. I have to say, we organized a great party!

Volunteers are the backbone of SIWA. We are where we are today because, year after year, you have tirelessly and selflessly offered hundreds of hours of your precious time. You have inspired many with your skills, experience, advice, and dedication. The result was our highly successful Gala that spread our message of Friendship, Enrichment, and Charity. Thank you. You have all been magnificent.

With that said, please allow me to also say a few words to appreciate the individual efforts that you gave to the SIWA Charity Gala this year. 

First, I would like to thank Robin, our President, who has been a great leader this year. I had so much support and space to do what I wanted to achieve. The Gala theme (Moulin Rouge) was your idea which made the Gala such a fun party. Thank you, Robin.

Second, I would like to thank Johanna, our VP operations, who has been my great backend support of the Gala whenever there were technical issues and tracking. She also helped me figure out the relationships among guests and plan the best seating for them. Thank you, Johanna.

Then, I would like to thank Berenice, our VP brand communications, who led a team to make a lot of promotions for the Gala, resulting in the great success that we saw last Saturday. She was also very busy with the Facebook live video streamed during the Gala, through which we learned that her husband also happened to be a fun live host! Another amazing SIWA volunteer recruited by Berenice! Thank you, Berenice.

Then, I would like to thank Bockhee, our VP Fundraising, who is always the best person to turn to whenever I had trouble figuring things out. She helped me recruit amazing university students to volunteer at the Gala, who have stayed until around 1am to help with the cleanup. Bockhee and the volunteers were so responsible and reliable that we managed to sell all the silent auction items and raffle prizes. Thank you, Bockhee.

I’d also like to acknowledge Sue, the leader of silent auction table; and Bih Ling, the leader of the raffles table. They spent several nights to create the documents for all the items and managed everything nicely at the tables. We had over 10 million won of income just from them, according to my count at the cashier. Sue and Bih Ling are the stars.

Thank you very much. Linda, our former treasurer, who has stationed in her position at cashier to make sure we collected all the donations. She got the team’s back when everyone was enjoying the party. Thank you, Linda.

Sunghwa, our Welfare Chair, has done such a great job searching for charities to support. Without thoughtful philanthropy, we wouldn’t have a successful Charity Gala. She also helped to arrange the opening dance performance and the DJ music for the Gala. Our guests didn’t leave the dance floor until we turned on the ballroom lights! Thank you, Sunghwa.

Yoojin, our talented graphic designer, worked under extreme time pressure and still created beautiful artworks that you saw at the Gala. All the guests I’ve talked to have appreciated her design and creativity. During the planning stage, she actively offered to help in many ways that a foreigner (myself) needs. She has been a good friend and work partner whom I met since my first volunteer event, which was Bazaar 2017. Thank you, Yoojin.

Our Volunteer of the Year, Rachel, who well deserves the award, has been with me at Conrad since 9am on the Gala day. And we stayed until the very end to make sure everything was arranged properly. She has been a great partner to work with. Rachel is fun, caring, supportive, and responsible. Thank you, Rachel.

There are so many names running in my mind as I wrote this. I wish you know how much I appreciate your help and support for me and the Gala. I would love to express my appreciation in person when we meet.

Truly, thank you again for your involvement with SIWA! You have made SIWA a wonderful organisation.