By Johanna Widmann, Membership Chair 2017-2018

This is the time of year we kick off our membership renewals.  We hope you will sign up for another year. Please check the SIWA website and ensure your members-only benefits today. SIWA members currently come from 57 nations, which distinguishes us among other groups. But there are, of course, more reasons to join SIWA.

  1. When you join SIWA you will make new friends in no time. As we are a large and very diverse group it is easy to quickly find like-minded women.
  2. SIWA offers a huge variety of events.  Wherever SIWA members gather,  a lot of fun is guaranteed.
  3. As SIWA members come from all parts of the world you have the unique opportunity to get to know international cuisine and even learn how to prepare it.
  4. Get to know Seoul and Korea in one of our SIWA tours or interest groups. Every month we offer a slate of interesting events. Not only will you broaden your knowledge about the region, but you will also get to know SIWA members.
  5. All our members are of different cultures, at different stages of their lives and have different (professional) backgrounds. We learn from each other daily. Diversity is our strength.
  6. Be part of something big! Twice a year we hold a big event: the SIWA Gala and the SIWA and Diplomatic Bazaar. Both of these  are very well known in Seoul and many of our members work hard to make them happen.
  7. Volunteer your time and become a SIWA leader! SIWA members are all talented women and we are always open to new ideas.
  8. We have many Korean members who are happy to share their culture with international members. Korean learners can improve their language skills.
  9. Our organization, which is 55 years old, is well-known and respected in Seoul. Some of our members interviewed volunteers for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  10. Everyday new people come to Seoul and the adjustment can be tough. We enjoy helping newcomers get started and sharing our knowledge with them.