By Monica Williams, Discovery Editor

At the Trick Eye Museum, visitors can ride atop a dolphin, walk the red carpet at the Oscars, be part of a witch’s brew or get eaten by a fire-breathing dragon.

For years, Trick Eye, short for “trick of the eye,” has presented a series of trompe l’oeil paintings and optically illusive sculptures that give each piece of art the illusion of being part of the exhibit in 3D. Instead of merely viewing paintings as in a traditional art gallery, visitors could pose to appear as if they are part of the picture. Recently, the Hongdae museum unveiled an augmented reality app, which makes the already cool photos come to life. Now, that same humongous dragon breathes fire as his tail waves. Hold up the app over another piece of art and you can see black clouds rise up after an volcano explosion or a floor shake amid boiling lava.

The AR features are best captured on video, giving you a chance to show off your acting skills. Don’t worry about noise as the app will not record the background sounds; instead it will add its own music and sound effects to the video. The features can be seen only through the smartphone app, which is why it’s best to bring your own “director.” Luckily, the floors and ceilings have been painted with signs that help with where to stand for the best effects.

SIWA’s leadership team recently visited the museum to celebrate the end to a great year by trying out the new app. While there, we visited the adjacent Ice Museum and the Love Museum and took a coffee break at the CaFace cafe, where selfies could be added to our latte foam.


What to know before heading to Trick Eye:

• Download the free Trick Eye app on your device.

• Bring a charger in case your mobile battery runs low while using the app.

• Look for guides on where to stand for the best effect.

• Take a friend who can act as “director” of your “film.”

• Trick Eye is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; last entry is at 8.

• Before taking children, be sure they’re old enough to enjoy it and not get scared.

• The Love Museum is for adults only.