– By Courtney Snede, Proud SIWA member and Student, Korean Cooking Class

Introducing Foreigners to Korean Cooking, Spring 2016 Semester

One of the most useful and fun activities I’ve done since moving to Seoul was taking a cooking class through SIWA’s bi-annual Enrichment program. The instructor, Mrs. Sunok Moon, has over 20 years of experience living abroad and closely relates to the cultural differences between western countries and Korea. She helped her students understand local ingredients, gave us helpful recipes, and shared valuable cultural insights. Before taking her cooking class I was bewildered by many of the foods in the grocery store because I had never seen them before and could not read any of the labels. Now I feel much more confident about local products and the cuisine.

At our Korean Cooking class Mrs. Moon bought all of the ingredients we needed to prepare the dishes. She explained what each one was and where we should buy it. She also explained which ingredients were seasonal, which were appropriate for certain holidays, and the different variations of popular dishes.

Each student received a recipe book Mrs. Moon made. It covers a huge range of dishes. Each week of the class covered a type of food, so we had an entire class dedicated to grains, meat, soups and stews, fish, vegetables, gimbap and more.

On our last day Mrs. Moon walked us through the grocery store. She explained where to buy the ingredients we learned about and taught us what to look for on the signage.

The best part of the class was eating the great foods we created. It was a fun way to meet people, make new friends and learn about Korea. We’ll be able to share the Korean cuisine with our friends, in other countries, when we move.

Editor’s Note: If you are interested in the Fall 2017 Enrichment Program, you can sign up for the Enrichment Showcase Coffee Morning here: siwakorea.com/events/siwa-social-coffee-morning-201709/