By Robin Carney, VP Brand Communications

The SIWA team has spent the past two weeks in PyeongChang for our group volunteer opportunity at the Paralympics. SIWA was invited to participate in thanks for our participation in the volunteer screening for the Olympics and Paralympics, during which we interviewed 600 candidates via Skype.

At the first day of our training, we received a warm welcome from Lee Hee-beom, President of POCOG. We were then assigned to our teams; 2 members were placed as translators with the Medical Services team, and the other 9 members of our group were assigned as National Paralympic Committee assistants, supporting the many international delegations present at the Games. Our language and cultural skills were useful, as we supported the teams from Mexico, Germany, the Netherlands, Armenia, Finland, Ukraine and Russia (participating under a neutral flag).

I can say that we all have felt inspired by the athletes we have supported and watched compete at the highest levels of sport. They have overcome incredible obstacles and demonstrate their athleticism and courage through this competition.

We were fortunate enough to purchase tickets to the Opening Ceremony, which was an impressive show and made us all proud of our host nation, Korea! Tomorrow night’s Closing Ceremony promises to be equally thrilling. Sadly though, this marks the end of the Games and we will all be sad to see the end of an inspiring event that brought us all closer together.