It is the return of a long summer break and, even though we are in the middle of the year, we cannot help but feel like a new exciting beginning is ahead of us. Vacations are a great escape from the routine but returning from them has its charm as well. It is a very good opportunity for new beginnings. A “new start” to our routine, maybe to continue doing what we left behind or maybe starting something completely new. Both things can be extremely satisfying and enjoyable. The same thing happens with friendship during this time of the year. We are thrilled to be back from the summer break to catch up with existing friends but also to be able to meet some new interesting people. This is the part where the Seoul International Women’s Association (SIWA) can give to you. I recently joined the group and I am in love with all the community that I got to meet. These are strong hard working women with different backgrounds that are always keen to help and the vibe that you get once you meet them is amazing. If you haven’t try any of SIWA events I really recommend you to try at least one. You will see what I mean when you come. I am really sure you will not regret. Coffee morning is coming this Wednesday, August 22 and H. E. Chung Rae Kwon, Ambassador for Climate Change will come to talk to us about the Environmental Issues we face living in this part of the world. I really hope to see you by then so we get to meet and talk about this wonderful “new start” of the year and of all the great experiences that SIWA can bring to your life.