Whenever you get to read a good book have you gotten that mixed feeling of your desperate need to go on reading but at the same time you are hesitant to continue because you will get to the end? For me it has now become a challenge as a great book leaves a very high bar for my next reading adventure. 

After finishing reading my last book I wanted to recall when was really the very first time that I got hitched to a book to the point that has kept me interested in reading non-stop one book after another. I got to remember two phases and the very first one was when I had like 12 years old and I used to sneak into my dad’s studio and borrow, without him noticing, one of this 30 book collection of Classic Story tales. I remember it was “Alice in Wonderland” my first one and I could not really understand why I suddenly felt like I was Alice and I was loving the experience! I started to sense all this magic around me and it was sort of an escape to my own world. This was the first time and I still remember I finished reading it and started to read it all over again. Years passed and when I was around 18 years old my mom used to have this Book Club. Some of her friends gathered every week to talk about the books they were reading and there was this huge basket where they got to pick any book from the pile and read it for the following week. I was enchanted with this type of ritual because, apart from the books, it was also the perfect occasion for all her friends to come together and talk about life, their happy and not so happy things and the similarities they may have with the stories they were reading. It was such a perfect combination of books, coffee and friendship that I would have loved to be one of my mom’s friends. I just could not wait for every week to pass so I could sit next to the stairs and listen to all the stories they had to tell. When my mom’s friends left I used to get through the books and touch them and smell them and….oh what a joy! I still can sense that feeling!

 If you ask me of a book that has impacted me the most in many ways I have to go with “Paula” of Isabel Allende. I never thought that a book could make me cry that hard and it was the first time that I just could not stop feeling the love and the sadness through all those pages. The way she wrote the story made me feel that I was there with her and her daughter living that moment. And well, it marked me that much that I have to tell you a secret, my oldest daughter is named “Paula”. 

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