• Sat, October 29, 2016
    9:00 PM

This class teaches how to design and make various Hanji works from Hanji furniture, Hanji lamp to Hanji tray. There is no ready-made design type, so you may propose your own idea. You need not bring any materials to the class. We will discuss what kind of materials will be needed after deciding the type of Hanji item you want to make. The Hanji class encourages every person’s imagination. Come transform imagination into your own design of Hanji. Beginners are welcome.

Days and time:  9.30AM ~12.30 PM or  1.30~4.30 about 3 hours, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. A semester consists of 7 classes.

Registration opens: September 28th at SIWA Enrichment Day Sign-up

Registration closes: October 28

Class Location: Hongdae station

Participants:  Minimum 1 – maximum 10

Instructor background:

  •  Graduate of the College of Fine Arts, Hongik University, Seoul.
  • Majored in oil-painting, drawing, and sculpture in The Art Students League of New York in the U.S.
  • Has taught Hanji craft to foreign students for 7 years

SIWA’s role in Class Sign-Ups is to provide a forum where Members can meet instructors who teach enrichment classes in English.  SIWA offers this event posting which reflects SIWA’s understanding of the instructor’s intention, in order to facilitate Members’ planning. Students are encouraged to receive exact details directly from the instructor during the sign up event. SIWA does not manage the instructor/participant relationship beyond the sign-up event. Students will be offered an opportunity to complete an evaluation form after attending the course.