Thank you to everyone for volunteering and helping to organize the SIWA Gala 2016. SIWA is really proud to have been associated with such talented women (and men!), who worked day and night to put all the threads of the event together. Without their valued support and contribution, it would not have been possible to organize the gala, one of the most important events for SIWA fundraising. The volunteers are:
Allison Schuldt
Amy Millican
Amy Lee
Andrea Park
Angela Yeung
Angella Han
Ann Michel
Anne Choe
Ariane Amiot
Bethany Lacy
Bockhee Lee
Chaithanya Karanth
Christine Coulter
Courtney Snede
Dirk Hennig
Do Eun Lee
Dawn Blackwell
Eunok Lee
Fitri Isenbeck
Irene Nuutila
Jana Hennig
Jessica Raeside
Jiyoon Song
John Schuldt
Joni Barker
Julie Schuldt
Karen Stadnikia
Katherine Corteza
Lauren Hayoung Chang
Linda Lee
Lisa Lim
Lissa Miner
Luciane Borges
Magda Petko-Rozanska
Mamta Mehta
Maria Seidl
Mhyla Borkowski
Michelle Morrison
Mikyung Park
Milla Stockley
Mollie D
Mahmooda Chaudhry
Neelum Sharma
Neeti Virmani
Paulina Brennan
Rajeev Mahajan
Rhonda Kupka
Robbie Schuldt
Robin Carney
Sara Fabian
Shailley Saraswat
Shubhangi Gokhale
Sonali Rao
Suky Jung
Tanushree Jain
Terri Hartman
Yoo Kyung Jung
Youngsil Park