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Robin joined SIWA in August 2015 and served as Newsletter Manager from 2015-16 and VP Brand Communications from 2016-18. A dual American-Portuguese citizen, after finishing her MBA, she worked for Deloitte as a management consultant in New York and Lisbon.

She then moved into the non-profit sector, managing fundraising and communications projects for breast cancer charities in Portugal and Belgium. After 15 years in Europe, Robin and her family moved to Seoul and are enjoying the chance to explore Asia.



Laura joined SIWA in August 2016 upon her arrival in Seoul and has actively participated in a wide spectrum of SIWA events. Prior to her move, she worked as a healthcare management consultant in Chicago and continues to work remotely part-time from Seoul.

During university, Laura spent time living in Shanghai to study Chinese and is thrilled to be back in Asia. She enjoys traveling, playing sports, and learning Korean.


Vibha is an Indian citizen by nationality. She is a Chartered Accountant by profession and was working for Ernst & Young as an audit manager in Mumbai, India. She has worked in the Finance and Audit sector for 15 years. Her family relocated to Singapore in 2014 and thereafter to Seoul in Jan 2017.

She joined SIWA in August 2017 and volunteered in the planning team of the SIWA Bazaar held in October 2017.

She spends her time learning Korean and absorbing all that Korea offers in terms of experiences and enjoying the landscapes in this beautiful country. She likes to play sports like Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, etc. and enjoys traveling, driving, reading and watching movies.


Nicolette is a new member of SIWA who has been living in Korea since end of 2014 immersing herself in Korean culture through Korean classes and exploring museums and markets, enjoying Korean food and making friends with the local people.

Prior to Korea, Nicolette spent 11 years in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces as a Combat Human Resource Specialist serving in the United Kingdom, Iraq and Germany. She has completed a Diploma in Accounting and volunteers as Treasurer at Namsan International Kindergarten.

A native of Jamaica but also a British citizen Nicolette is married to a Swedish national. Together they have 2 children. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, crocheting, volunteering and exercising.


Alexa hails from Los Angeles, California, where she was born and raised. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2009 and went on to work for several Hollywood based studios prior to moving abroad  in 2016. Over the last year and a half Alexa has successfully channeled her television and film experience into expanding the SIWA brand by producing and publishing SIWA content across several platforms. She is very excited to get involved in a greater capacity and looks forward to the upcoming year. In her free time Alexa freelances as a watercolor artist and graphic designer.


Bockhee Lee founded Global Youth Fair (GYF) in 2015 for both privileged and underprivileged students of Korean and foreign nationalities to grow as global citizens and leaders. As the first Korean bazaar chair, she led a successful 2012 SIWA and Diplomatic Community Bazaar where 7,000 people participated. As a Tours & Events coordinator, Vice President, and Cultural Connection Chair, she has been actively working for SIWA for over 10 years. She loves espresso coffee, singing in a choir and reading.


Johanna joined SIWA in late 2016, served as Membership Chair in 2017 before changing to Tours and Interest Groups Chair in December 2017. She’s also involved in the Welfare Committee and various SIWA Teams and Interest Groups.

A German, born and raised in beautiful Black Forest Johanna worked in the educational sector for several years before relocating to Seoul with her family in January 2016. Johanna enjoys learning languages, travelling, reading and spending time with her husband and her two children.


Standing Committees

Title Name Contact
Hospitality Chair (Vacant) hospitality@siwakorea.com
Membership Chair Lois Allore membership@siwakorea.com
President Emerita Anne Choe presidentemerita@siwakorea.com
Public Relations Co-Chair Ellie Lee publicrelations@siwakorea.com
Public Relations Co-Chair Sue Ahn publicrelations@siwakorea.com
Special Events Chair Veronica Koon specialevents@siwakorea.com
Sponsorship Chair (Vacant) sponsorsiwa@siwakorea.com
Tours & Interest Groups Chair Anita Christensen tours@siwakorea.com
Welfare Chair Sunghwa Han welfare@siwakorea.com


Title Name Contact
Bazaar Manager (Vacant) bazaar@siwakorea.com
Facebook Manager Virginia Chelliah facebook@siwakorea.com
Gala Manager (Vacant) gala@siwakorea.com
Graphic Designer Yoo Jin Kwon graphics@siwakorea.com
Instagram Manager Rachel Ashby-Sexton instagram@siwakorea.com
Marketing Manager Caitlin Steiner marketing@siwakorea.com
eNewsletter Manager Kari Royden newsletter@siwakorea.com
Enrichment Coordinator Rachel Ashby-Sexton enrichment@siwakorea.com
Newcomers Manager Leiko Nortman membershipteam@siwakorea.com
Nominating (Vacant) nominate@siwakorea.com
Vendor Manager Sweta Gorthi vendormanager@siwakorea.com.com
Social Media Manager Alexa Dodson socialmedia@siwakorea.com
Webmaster (Vacant) webmaster@siwakorea.com
Website Content Manager Irene Nuutila contentmanager@siwakorea.com

Organizational Chart

2017-2018 SIWA Organization Chart

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