World KBS, 11/24/2017

Photo Credit: Prises par Amélie Brissaud

Radio Interview: SIWA and World KBS (French):

Established in 1962, the Seoul International Women’s Association (SIWA) aims to increase exchanges between expatriates and help South Koreans in need. We went to the annual bazaar organized by the organization with the participation of many wives of ambassadors on mission in the country of the Morning Calm.

Robin Carney, vice president of SIWA, gave us an interview despite his busy schedule. This American, who has been living in South Korea for several years, answered us in the language of Molière. We then extended our microphone to Ariane Amiot, a member of the association and very involved in its activities.

Finally, we wanted to ask some questions to the wives of the ambassadors of Belgium, Geneviève Théâtre Traoré, and Morocco, Leila Rachadi.