About our Volunteer Groups

Our volunteer teams are the driving force behind the majority of SIWAs signature events, tours, and special events. It’s these people who put in the time and effort to plan, organize, and co-ordinate our fantastic events.

Get involved with one of our teams today or take a look at what they have coming up in the future!

Bazaar Team

Plans SIWA’s largest fundraiser, the Annual SIWA & Diplomatic Community Bazaar. Together with the Ambassadors’ Spouses Association of Seoul, embassies from over 40 nations, women’s clubs, welfare organizations, vendors, sponsors and countless volunteers come together to sell unique products, foods and crafts from around the world. Join the Bazaar Team!

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Gala Team

Creates an elegant evening of fun while raising much needed funds for worthy charitable organizations. Sumptuous food, drinks, dancing, spectacular entertainment, raffle prizes, and much more await you at the SIWA Annual Charity Gala. Join the Gala Team!

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Tours Team

Offers opportunities for SIWA members, their families, and non-members to participate in organized experiences in Korea. Through these cultural, artistic and recreational tours, participants can learn about Korea, and make and deepen friendships. Join the Tours Team!

Event Date
Tour: Hiking Kalbawi Rock

This hike is mostly intermediate level, and is recommended for experienced hikers. We will hike for 2,5-3 hours and a total of 6.5 km, not including transport and breaks. At the peak we will rest and enjoy the amazing view of of Seoul, the gorgeous mountains and our well-earned self-prepared lunches.

Tour: A visit to the Blue House

The Blue House (Cheongwadae) is the official residence of the Republic of Korea and is located in the Palace District. Built upon the site of the royal garden of the Joseon Dynasty, it is a complex of buildings that blend traditional Korean architectural style with some modern elements.

Tour: Jingwan and Samcheon Temples on the Edge of Bukhansan

This tour visits Jingwan-sa and Samcheon-sa, two lovely and historically important Buddhist temples. They are located just inside Seoul’s northwestern border on the edge of the spectacular Bukhansan National Park. They are quite different from each other in topography, layout and artwork – providing interesting variety.

Tour: Shopping at Namdaemun Market

Shop Namdaemun Market with us! It is the largest traditional market in Korea and there is almost nothing you won’t be able to find here. It’s a must-visit spot in Seoul. The market is named after the nearby Namdaemun (“South Big Gate”). This gate was once the main southern gate of Seoul city wall.

Tour: Indigo Dye Workshop

Participate in this hands-on workshop and finish with an indigo-dyed handkerchief, scarf or t-shirt. Using tying and folding techniques you can obtain a pattern or create a free form tie-dye effect. You will dip your piece into a dye bath to create blue shades ranging from the deepest night blue to a soft subtle light blue. And no worries, gloves are provided so you won’t dye your hands blue!

Tour: Joseon Royal Tombs and Rituals

Tour Seonjeongneung, a tranquil, park-like setting in Gangnam. The royal tombs of Joseon King Seongjong, Queen Jeonghyun and King Joongjong are located here. This site was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2009. After the tour through the royal burial sites, we will watch a reenactment of the ancestral rites.

Tour: Lotte World Aquarium

The Lotte World Aquarium is the largest indoor aquarium in Korea, housing 55,000 different marine forms of 650 different species. The aquarium is fun for all ages!

Tour: Hiking to Seungga-sa in Bukhan-san

On this hike we will visit Seungga-sa, one of the most scenic and interesting Buddhist temples in the Seoul area. Seungga-sa, founded in founded in 756, is spectacularly located below one of the sharp peaks of Samgak-san, Seoul’s prominent sacred guardian-mountain. The temple, seated Buddha carving and views of Seoul are worth the effort it takes to reach Seungga-sa.

Welfare Committee

Oversees SIWA’s work with local charity organizations that provide direct assistance to vulnerable members and communities in Korea. This team reviews requests on a regular basis and visits the organization to learn more about its needs and operations. Join the Welfare Committee!

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